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Vendredi 1er juin 2012 - Les signes du Chaos se font sentir...plus sur goldonomic.com

L'Union européenne pourrait bientôt connaître un effondrement identique à celui de l'Union soviétique. Souvenez-vous ! Cela s'est passé très vite par un jour sombre de l'année 1989. Aujourd'hui, nous vivons la fin du socialisme occidental... Quelle est la situation en Europe ? Des nations en faillite tentent de renflouer des banques en faillite ou de demander un renflouement de la part de fonds eux-mêmes soutenus par des nations en faillite. Où est le problèmeThis is the state of affairs in Europe: bankrupt nations trying to bailout bankrupt banks or looking for bailouts from funds that are backed by other bankrupt nations. Cherchez l'erreur.

Financial markets are driven by Greed, Propaganda, Misinformation and manipulation. Financial markets can stay longer illogical than we can stay solvable. Of course an exception applies to the Banks and Governments as they can print money out of thin air and have Derivatives and paper market which can be manipulated.  They by definition can survive longer..but when they die the debacle is terrible. History itself is a proof of this statement.

Money has been flowing out of periphery eurozone countries like Greece for some time now. But evidence it is no longer entering wealthier eurozone countries, but leaving Europe entirely, threatens to dangerously intensify the crisis.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that over most of 2010, 2011 and early 2012, the largest portfolio shifts out of peripheral Europe took place into [German] Bunds and surrounding credits,” said Peter Schaffrik, head of European rates at RBC Capital Markets. “Yet, there is accumulating evidence that this behaviour is changing and actual capital flight out of Europe (rather than within Europe) is taking place.” Over the past couple of weeks $ 66 billion has left Spain...and this is just the beginning and only Spain...

Deepwater oil production costs $70 to $85 per barrel. To produce oil from tight oil formations in the United States such as the Bakken shale costs at least $80 a barrel. And production from Arctic oil reservoirs, coal-to-liquids and gas-to-liquids projects, and biofuels are even more expensive. Luckily the 7 sisters (big Oil companies are increasingly becoming Natural Gas companies). The price of crude oil has been coming down too much, too fast and too deep. All indicators are oversold an a correction or at least a consolidation at the present price level has to be expected. We have PEAK OIL!

This for all those who believe Gold is in a Bubble!



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