Friday April 27, 2012 - there was no reason to keep the Berlin wall, was there?

The eurozone has failed. Just like the Bretton woods system and the USSR.

I don't trust you one inch! Bloom tells ECB chief Mario. (Luckily for us Mario has the looks of a crook). Eurocrats are rude people that lie and deceive and they are ugly too. They are trying to hide the truth from europeans or scare the feeble-minded into accepting non-intuitive absurd arguments.


Monetization of Debt = Hyperinflation Massive disorder, massive capital flight and probably worse...Not one member of the Italian cabinet has been elected!?


We all know Communism doesn't work and bankrupts society.  History proofs over and over again that Socialism stops working as soon as the money of the others has been spent (even Sarkozy knows it). WHY then are those IDIOTS/CROOKS always going back to Communism and Socialism? Why then does the Herd each time vote Communists and Socialists (or any other politicians with such programs) into power so they can rip them off....for this is what REALLY happens!? Having said this, can you really blame those who decide to safeguard what they have worked for all their live and put it out of political reach? For doing nothing means taxation and capital consumption and such is highly immoral.

ARBEIT MACHT FREI! Using terms as Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Capitalism is very dangerous as there words have been sodomised and raped over and over again by politicians so that the real meaning of the words have been lost. But even the least educated knows that Absolutism is immoral and that in the long run it does not work. And today most styles of Communism, Capitalism and even Democracy are nothing but Absolutism. Only FREE MARKET ECONOMY serves society and improves the quality of life for all.  It amazes me each day how far you can control and manipulate the Herd....It amazes me each day that as a matter of fact the Herd is tax-sucked by those people it has elected itself (at  least this is was is supposed to happen and is not true for the European Parliament). Not hard to find a definition of the Eurocrat: A leech who wants to RULE over 1 billion people, cunningly steal and squander their property, hopes and dreams.


 comrade, welcome to communist Europe Nigel Farage calls Hitler



Thursday april 26, 2012 - the more "they" bring the gold price down in the paper market, the more physical buying is generated

There is NO way "they" can win this battle....best case scenario "they" can only postpone their own execution. The more "they" push down the price of Real Money (Gold) the stronger the final bounce will be. Once the Herd sees they have been lied to, physical Gold can well move limit up to for example $3,000 (forget paper Gold). For those who have invested according to the Investment Pyramid, the impact of the correction of the Gold and Silver shares should be minimal and temporary. This is not the time to jump out of the frying pan into the fire....the global financial situation is extremely BAD.  Holders of Gold and Silver shares (especially of Juniors) don't really understand what and why. What what happens in the Gold/silver-share sector doesn't make sence (similar conditions occur for the Energy sector) but markets can stay way longer illogical than we can stay solvable.  Whatever is said and written and whatever Central Bank liars pretend the alternate to REAL ASSETS is WORTHLESS FIAT MONEY. Experience learns that the more these guys lie, the closer we are to see the "end lösung" or Catharsis.

'If Gold comes down to $ 500 it will either be because "THEY" have solved the problem and we shall have no Depression, either because the Financial System blows up and all Fiat Paper Money becomes worthless"

Authorities and/or those who try to manipulate the Gold price are making fools of themselves. Not only don't they even try to hide the action but they are also so unlucky that (physical) buyers move into the market...more



Markets show increased volatility because 90% of the participants DON'T UNDERSTAND what is happening and 'THEY' keep the manipulation alive (derivatives). ....Today most financial markets move in harmony. The SP500 and Dow Jones (see candle charts in section of World Stock Indexes) have completed a technical formation and broken out. At this time we are either testing the BREAK-OUT level before we move higher or the Bearish Wedge will be activated and markets correct before new highs.  Plausible is that 'THEY' are holding markets down to ensure we have a bull run later this year (the month of November  and US-presidential elections).


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Wednesday April 25, 2012 - monetization of debt and hyperinflation around the corner

Updated sections : Banks & Financials, Real Estate in Spain , charts were updated in following sections: $-Gold, €-Gold, Silver, Dollar, £-Gold, ¥-Gold, Aussie-Gold, Can-Gold, Rupee-Gold, Swiss-Gold, Gold and Silver Majors, World Stock Indexes


Spanish Banks, Caja's and also Spaniards put a frighteningly high percentage (80%) of their wealth into housing. As people age, they will need to sell their real estate to finance their retirement. This would work if there were people to buy the houses...but there are none: it's a one way market!  The introduction of the euro caused massive imbalances, and Spain was a net loser. Falling wages will hurt Spain in multiple connected ways.[Spain's unit labor costs needs to fall 30% to match Germany] Housing prices will be pressured as homeowners find that they can no longer afford to maintain their mortgages or their homes. Consumption is about 60% of the Spanish economy, so falling wages will reduce GDP until real job growth returns. The government will be pressured by this initially falling tax base, which will hamper its efforts to reduce the deficit. Finally, deflation in wages will lower GDP and make the debt-to-GDP ratio that much worse. Spanish banks were repeatedly warned by the Central bank of Madrid that their exposure to the real estate market was dangerously high. (see previous Goldonomic newsletters) Hence it will come as no surprise that soon the Spanish Banks will need to be Bailed out! (Santander, BBVA, la Caixa,...) BANKSTERS HAVE FALLEN IN THEIR OWN TRAP !

This is how the mechanism of the Rise and Fall of a civilization functions:

    • 1. concentration of capital which brings prosperity
    • 2. this rises a country to an economic and financial center of the world.
    • 3. the concentration of capital results in an accelerated inflation domestically and in rising property values and labor costs.
    • 4. from this moment on Investments and capital starts to pour out of the center toward peripheral economies where labor is cheaper .
    • 5. during the process the local government becomes greedy and levies increasingly higher taxes.
    • 6. this causes more capital to flee the country and into the peripheral economies and this accelerates the decline.
    • 7. domestic labor inevitable becomes overpriced and capital concentrates in the peripheral economy…
    • 8. This signals the end of the country/civilisation….


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Tuesday April 24, 2012 -  short term the markets are a casino and a war

Updated section: Investment Pyramid, World Stock Market Indexes 

Landslide elections are typical for (hyper)inflationary depressions. Only four years ago it was Obama promising CHANGE....and we had none. Today Change is promised by the french presidential candidates and watch my words: "even in France the expected change will never come" . NOTHING will change for the better when Hollande is elected president in France on May 6!  Inflation will continue to grow and so will taxation, regulation and the french debt. As a matter of fact even if Sarkozy would be reelected nothing would change.  EVERYTHING else which is said is PROPAGANDA. In french the say: "des bon parleurs". Just like in the USA  there will be NO CHANGE as the majority of the presidential Candidates clearly don't understand what is happening right now in France and Europe and are simply running for POWER and self-satisfaction.

 Stock Markets, gold and silver and especially European Stock markets will suffer as CAPITAL flees the European continent towards safer heavens: Africa and North-America. Still not a reason to jump out of the frying pan into worthless fiat money. However a good reason to move your savings out of the danger zone and into safety. Remember this is a severe financial, economic and human crisis and EVERYBODY will get wet. Those who keep trusting the Authorities and Bankers will drown together with their buddies and end up penniless. Capital is vaporizing in the Euro-zone and any capital left will be consumed by the Authorities. The long term problem is that NO RECOVERY is possible in the absence of Capital and that it will take up to 3 generations to save the requested basic amount of capital which will allow for a new economic boom. [Icelanders were priviledged as they wisely let the situation explode....so they could start from scratch].

American citizens are like French Nationals taxable on their worldwide income. The IRS (US tax authorties are now trying to police International banks!?) The US tax authority wants to oblige all banks around the world to disclose the data of customers from the United States. So will the authority American citizens around the world locate black money and combat tax evasion. European banks fear not only a loss of business customers, they should invest money to set up the appropriate infrastructure. Should financial institutions be unwilling to give out the data, they would be confronted with significant sanctions. A company is not willing to cooperation, a tax of 30 percent on all US income from financial assets, which recognised the Institute is threatened. This tax is due even if the bank pays the income for the customer's account. If the so-called foreign account tax compliance Act, or FACTA, enters into force must all banks either separate from their US customers or announce their data. Legally, this commitment is indeed controversial, but the United States have already signed an agreement with several European countries. In addition to Germany, also France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom have consented to implement FACTA. This means that the Europeans agree a far-reaching tax American hegemony. [be advised it already is extremely difficult for an american to opne an bank account abroad]

 If you expected this to be an easy game, you're terribly naive: Americans will sell their Mothers and use all the Derivatices in the World before they surrender the Fiat Paper Dollar. During the battle the HERD will only see smoke and hear shelters...once the dust is gone the USA also will also be lost. Headline: The Best Reason in the World to Buy Gold

"Beijing is planning to avoid U.S. financial sanctions on Iran by paying for oil with gold. China's imports of the metal are already large, and you can guess what additional purchases are going to do to prices. On the last day of 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. The NDAA, as it is called, attempts to reduce Iran's revenue from the sale of petroleum by imposing sanctions on foreign financial institutions conducting transactions with Iranian financial institutions in connection with those sales. This provision, which essentially cuts off sanctioned institutions from the U.S. financial system, takes effect on June 28."


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Monday April 23, 2012

Follow the money or running to Africa could be a wise decision for any young entrepreneur. The signs of Africa's stunning potential are obvious: 6% average GDP growth, fast-rising incomes and abundant resources. So far, much growth has been beyond the reach of international investors given the region's small and largely illiquid capital markets. Many textile retailers have workshops in North-Africa and the exquisite North-Sea Grey Shrimps are all cleaned in Tangers, Morocco. Ever since Spain joined the EU and thought it to be wise to adopt stringent European fiscal legislation, Capital has massively fled Southern-Spain to North-Africa (Morocco). Even the citrus farmers left for Morocco because the wages are lower and the social legislation less stringent plus for doing so they received a generous financial premium from the European Community...more

Basically no risk can be taken away. It can be moved from one instrument to another and it can be limited. Unfortunately A NO RISK situation doesn't exist. Putting all your eggs into one basket requires a strong stomach. Especially if you put these all into a Fiat Money instrument. Whatever you do, I don't think one will be able to survive this (Hyper)inflationary crisis without any losses at all. Remember at all times Governments go to extremes when pushed in a corner (when the money is gone, even when the fiat money is gone). Obvious that whatever is being said and published, we're sinking deeper and deeper into the Great Depression of the 21st century and the recovery is NOT around the corner. The latter may be hard to understand by the upcoming generation of business men because they have never experienced a recession - nor have there parents.

Central banks rig gold to ensure orderly rise. Central banks hold gold and now also have become net buyers. The odds are that at a certain time Gold could well again play a role in the international monetary system. That is, after a Financial accident and/or a War. It would be stupid to rule out War all together when history shows that a Major War and/or a Revolution ALWAYS happened during a major recession/depression: Napoleon Wars after the French Revolution and John Law and World War I-II after the Weimar revolution are only two examples.

If you can leave Belgium, run! Is the advice given by Patrick De Maeseneire, a Belgian expatriate who lives and works in Switzerland. Tragic is that the Belgian Government doesn't recognize the country is in a dire state and doesn't do anything to correct the situation. Give it two to three years and Belgium will be in the same situation Greece and Spain are in today. ...Click here for more

This is the cancer which has envaded the USA and Western-Europe:

The professor, Jack Chandliss, asked the class to write an essay on what the American dream means to them, and what they want the federal government to do to help them achieve that dream. Out of 180 students participating, only about 10% wanted the government to leave them alone and not tax them too much, but a whopping 80% wanted the government to provide pretty much the whole dream thing wrapped in a tidy bow - including free college tuition and health care, jobs, even the down payment on their future homes, money for retirement and hard cash, taken in the form of taxes from rich people.

Spain is in  a worse shape then Greece and an unfolding example of what can be expected for France, Belgium, the Netherlands...but in the end also for the USA. Spain is about to enter a full-scale Crisis.Total Spanish banking loans are equal to 170% of Spanish GDP. Spanish Banks are drawing a record €316.3 billion from the ECB (up from €169.2 billion in February). Things have gotten so bad that Spanish citizens are pulling their money out of Spain en masse: €65 billion left the Spanish banking system in March 2011 alone. In Spain we have a totally unregulated banking system sitting a top HALF of ALL Spanish mortgages after a housing bubble that makes the one that happened in the US look like a small bump. The expected near future damage to the real estate market will be a lot larger and the impact on the Spanish banking system even bigger than we saw in the USA. A Franco-style civil war is certainly a possibility. Before you panic do understand this situation also represents an OPPORTUNITY!


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Vendredi 20 avril 2012 - Il n'y a plus de marchés, juste des interventions

Lorsque le gouvernement lutte pour sauver une entreprise chancelante au prix de l'effritement d'une autre, cela accélère le processus qui consiste à jongler avec les dettes, commuter les pertes, empiler les prêts, hypothéquer l'avenir et l'avenir de celui-ci. À mesure que la situation empire, le gouvernement se protège non pas en réduisant ce processus, mais en l'augmentant.
–Ayn Rand, 1974

Le QE à l'infini en Amérique du Nord et en Europe est une chose aussi certaine que la mort et les impôts. Le QE est la garantie que nous n'avons pas encore de pic por l'or. D'ici juillet, le Traité instituant le Mécanisme européen de stabilité sera en place et produira davantage de monnaie fiduciaire.

Je ne vois vraiment pas où "ces analystes" voient un dégonflement d'une bulle sur l'énergie ? Les prix du pétrole élevés isolent l'Iran du plein impact des sanctions américaines et européennes sur les ventes de son brut, permettant à Téhéran de respirer un peu alors que le pays prépare une nouvelle série de pourparlers nucléaires avec les pays occidentaux le mois prochain. C'est petit de voir les hommes politiques mettre la hausse des prix de l'énergie sur le dos de la spéculation. Surtout ceux qui savent que le prix au détail de l'essence et du diesel se compose principalement de taxes: taxe fédérales, taxes locales, TVA, droits à l'importation… Si le gouvernement et les hommes politiques s'inquiètent à ce point de l'énergie chère, pourquoi n'abandonnent-ils pas toutes ces taxes ? Cela en devient écoeurant lorsqu'ils se servent de leur pouvoir pour augmenter l'imposition des grandes sociétés pétrolières parce que c'est immoral de gagner autant !? Surtout si l'on comprend qu'une partie de la hausse des prix résulte de la création exponentielle de monnaie fiduciaire. Pendant les dépressions (hyper)inflationnistes, les prix augmentent indépendamment de l'activité économique.

Les marges sur les contrats à terme sur l'or et l'argent ont été augmentées (car ils n'aiment pas voir le prix monter puisqu'il s'agit d'un baromètre de leur propre stupidité) et ils veulent à présent faire la même chose pour les contrats pétroliers. Il est clair qu'ils sont trop simples d'esprit pour voir que la hausse des prix est aussi une conséquence du PIC pétrolier.

Avertissement à tous les détenteurs de comptes bancaires en Suisse: l'Union européenne a confirmé que les accords fiscaux passés entre la Suisse et le Royaume-Uni, et l'Allemagne, étaient pleinement compatibles avec la législation européenne.

DEXIA or if running out of your own money wasn’t bad enough, policy makers are increasingly spending other peoples’ money to bail their country out.


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Jeudi 19 avril 2012

L'euro est un monstre de Frankenstein créé par des hommes politiques stupides et délirants, et il est condamné. Les responsables passés et présents méritent d'être arrêtés pour avoir jetés des millions de personnes dans la pauvreté... Sans compter les millions à venir.

Un nombre croissant de résidents européens expédient leurs avoirs en or et leurs capitaux hors de l'UE. En même temps, la confiance dans le système bancaire suisse s'effrite sérieusement et aujourd'hui, nous voyons également des capitaux et de l'or quitter la Suisse pour des destinations extra-européennes. Nous avons observé un schéma similaire juste avant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale. Le plus inquiétant est que cela concerne même les avoirs en or et les capitaux légaux et officiels.

Comme d'habitude, la masse et les hommes politiques qui vivent au pays des Bisounours seront les derniers à agir. Les contrôles augmenteront dès que la masse sentira qu'il se trame quelque chose et tentera de quitter le Titanic en masse. L'Histoire nous montre que lorsque cela arrive, les hommes politiques ferment les frontières. Finalement, ils sont là pour vous aider... à transférer l'argent de vos poches vers les leurs !

Herman Van Rompuy n'était pas présent pour écouter Nigel Farage expliquer ce qui attend l'UE et l'euro. Herman préfère sans doute ne pas voir la réalité en face, ni le fait que quelques semaines seulement après avoir officiellement déclaré que l'UE et l'euro étaient sauvés et que la relance était toute proche, nous assistons au drame espagnol. Peu réalisent que l'Espagne est le talon d'Achille de l'UE et de l'euro, et le peuple espagnol (contrairement aux Grecs, aux Belges et aux Hollandais) ne se contentent pas d'une réponse en l'air. Un taux de chômage de plus de 50% chez les jeunes est une bombe à retardement. Nous savons tous quel chaos cela a entraîné en Egypte et en Libye. Une bombe qui a été activée lorsque le roi Juan Carlos (sa famille ferait mieux de se préparer à un nouvel exil, voire pire) s'est cassé la hanche pendant une expédition de chasse au Botswana. Les rois et les reines sont des personnages de contes de fées et ne sont que des reliques du Moyen-Âge. Ils n'ont plus leur place au 21e siècle.


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Mercredi 18 avril 2012 - Le gouvernement est un éternel voleur

Le gouvernement est un voleur éternel et l'or est une richesse pure et éternelle. Il s'agit de la forme de monnaie ultime et, par conséquent, la plus sûre à posséder à long terme. Indépendamment du prix de la monnaie fiduciaire. Je me rappelle lorsque, il y a plusieurs années, la guerre en Angola était sur le point de commencer, nous avons fait sortir par les airs une malette de pilote remplie de diamants. Au moment du décollage, nous pouviosn entendre les coups de feu à Luanda. Cela paie toujours de stocker une partie de ses économies à l'étranger, car on ne peut JAMAIS se fier au pouvoir politique corrompu. Ceux qui - pour d'obscures raisons incompréhensibles - continuent de faire confiance à ces escrocs méritent de perdre leurs économies. Lorsque la Chine contrôlera le marché de l'or, il sera impossible d'en ACHETER. N'oubliez jamais que le marché de l'or ne s'élève qu'à 5000 milliards $. Comparez ce montant avec le montant total des monnaies fiduciaires papier et de la dette mondiale.


N'oubliez pas qu'il FAUT investir 65% du total de son épargne en or physique et que la moitié doit être conservée hors de portée du pouvoir politique. Aujourd'hui, cela implique de le détenir sur un autre continent: si vous vivez en Europe, conservez-le en Afrique ou an Amérique du Nord et si vous vivez en Amérique du Nord, conservez-le en Europe ou en Afrique. [Actuellement, il est beaucoup plus difficile d'empêcher les personnes de se déplacer que de contrôler la circulation des capitaux]. Ceci dit, sachez que pour nous, il devient obsolète de détenir ses économies dans un pays comme la Suisse. Le système financier suisse n'est plus ce qu'il était et, récemment, des informations ont UNE FOIS DE PLUS été divulguées à l'IRS (fisc américain) et aux autorités fiscales européennes. La Suisse peut ne pas aimer se tirer une balle dans le pied, mais c'est un petit pays qui fait l'objet d'une pression politique énorme. [Grâce à la stupidité internationale du Crédit suisse et d'UBS].

La Suisse n'est plus qu'un lointain souvenir du temps de vos parents et grands-parents. Le Royaume-Uni et l'Autriche ont signé des accords fiscaux avec la Suisse. Les Etats-Unis et la Suisse sont en train de négocier un accord. Un accord fiscal entre 21% et 40% se trouve dans les tuyaux entre la Suisse et l'Allemagne... Des négociations sont en cours entre le gouvernement suisse et les autorités belges et néerlandaises.


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Mardi 17 avril 2012 - Difficile d'admettre qu'une guerre civile, une guerre à plus grande échelle ou une révolution soit nécessaire pour rétablir la situation

Mise à jour des sections: Oil shares, Natural Gas

Alors que la dépression inflationniste fait son petit bonhomme de chemin dans la société, la Formule de Jim se concrétise de plus en plus… C'est un cercle vicieux. Mieux vaut continuer de se préparer au pire en espérant que ça n'arrive pas.

C'est comme ça que ça marche. Depuis toujours, et pour toujours: D'abord, ils poussent un pays à la faillite. Ensuite, ils s'assurent que les citoyens (la classe moyenne de préférence) passent à la caisse. C'est obscène, à tout le moins. L'Argentine va saisir davantage d'actifs de Repsol que prévu. Le gouvernement argentin mettra la main de force sur une partie plus importante que prévue des actifs de la société pétrolière espagnole Repsol, ce qui risque de dissuader les investissements étrangers dans le pays...pour en savoir plus

Apart from Repsol suffering from Cristina Fernandez's decision to nationalize assets of Repsol (at a time Spain is in financial problems - no better time to do it) not a lot happened today. Oil stocks eased back to their 200 day Moving Average (Buy-level) and Natural gas nailed a fresh bottom. Amazing is that at a time where the market cost of Natural gas is extremely low DISTRIBUTION co's still manage to increase to retail price.  Same pattern for many Agricultural products: farmers battle to sell at cost but retail prices continue to go up. Spain will eventually be bailed out, more money will be printed and the can will be kicked down the street...until it hits a wall.

Interest rates can only rise. Why is it so hard to admit and understand the Interest rates have no alternate but to RISE and not only in Greece, Spain and other countries. Interest rates have been manipulated for years and Authorities KNOW that each time they rise such exponentially increases their DEBT and decreases the odds of survival of Banks and Governments.


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Monday april 16, 2012 - Financial markets need exponential rising amounts of fiat money to survive

Updated sections: Gold and Silver fundamentals, Gold fundamentals

What I am writing and publishing is a repetition of what I wrote and published during the last 10 years.  What I don't understand is the urge of many Newsletters to re-invent the wheel. Nothing has changed....it only gets worse as we come closer to the Apocalypse or Catharsis. If you still feel the urge to read 5 or 10 newsletters ask yourself whether you understand what is happening or whether you are still in the I Belief stage. Same is true if you're still chasing Fiat Paper profits where by doing so you risk to loose it  ALL overnight. So much for 5% extra profit.

In Europe it is now Spain which is being blamed for the weak European stock markets. Spain is too big to fail and too big to save. The Madrid SE-index tumbles 3pc after the country's borrowing costs rise again on worries over its banks, triggering sell-offs in European and US markets as slowing growth in China added to fears for the world economy.lost 3%. Spanish bank borrowing from the European Central Bank doubled last month, revealing a dangerous dependence on emergency funding that on Friday triggered renewed turmoil in financial markets. Apparently the (previous) Spanish Government headed by the left Zapatero has managed to cook the books without the help of Goldman Sachs. True Spanish debt-to-GDP is close to 90%, and more when you count local-government debts guaranteed by the federal government. Spanish banks are miserably underwater, and that is with write-offs and mark to market on debts that totals not even half of what it should be. The level of overbuilding in Spain was stupendous (and so were teh buyers), with one home built for every new every person as the population grew. We know that unemployment is 23%, with youth unemployment over 50%. Add to this that also in Spain the tax man (HACIENDA) is tightening its grip. Cash business transactions over 2500 € are banned and Spaniards who have a bank account outside the country now face the legal obligation of having to inform Hacienda about the account..(also in Spain there is no bank secrecy).Which country will be next? Money has been flying out of the banks of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium as it did, and still is, in Greece.

Spain does not collect taxes from its citizens if they are residents of a foreign country (as the US does), but it can tax everyone who lives in Spain. The markets are moving up the time table on the next large monetization of Spanish (and eventually Italian?) debt. Remember that Monetisation of DEBT = HYPERINFLATION.

In the USA It is Bernanke and his cheap talk which is blamed for the weak stock markets and the poor Dollar. How the heck is it possible the Herd keeps listening to Ben Bernanke like liars? There is nothing sincere about this guy. Not even his trembling voice is. Dressed with a wig he would look like John Law.  In Europe we have a similar story where it is obvious smart talking political IDIOTS have NO CLUE of what is happening. The crisis we have is more than a financial crisis. It also is a social, economic and human one.

India has vaulted to the top of the list of Iran’s oil customers, overtaking China in a first-quarter buying surge ahead of tighter sanctions against Tehran this summer, data published by a leading industry consultant showed. Remember that we have peak oil and that for this reason it won't be hard for Iran to find customers.

This is ABSOLUTELY NOT A  TIME to buy REAL ESTATE ! Especially in those countries where the Real Estate bubble is about to deflate: Belgium, the Netherlands, France Those who buy a property NOW with the help of a mortgage will curse themselves before this decennia is over. Whereas in the USA one can walk away from a House, such is impossible in the EU as the buyers remains liable with all of his belongings and his future income until the full amount has been paid.  Real Estate is a High Order Capital Good and its value ALWAYS comes (dramatically) down during Hyperinflationary Depressions.

The biggest April's fool joke is to see all those illiterate politicians seeking to bring down the price of Crude oil and Gas. They make me laugh and they make me cry. Certainly when they blame Speculation. Only the price of Natural Gas and Coal is down....but because we have PEAK OIL but also because they print more and more worthless fiat money it has become IMPOSSIBLE to bring down the price of crude oil. [Natural Gas is a weapon used in the war against Iran]. The irony of the story is that the EAST consumes each drop the WEST saves. The day the World understands the USA (but also the EU) is paying with worthless fiat money for its imports, Hell will brake loose and the American Imperium over.  If Socialism survives, Europe will be propelled back to the Middle-Ages.


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Friday April 13, 2012 - What use is it to have gold/silver if government takes it away when you need it most ?

Updated sections: Gold and Silver Juniors


Banksters are not sitting back quietly and allowing quadrillions of fiat Monopoly money to evaporate or to become worthless overnight. They will – as usual – recur to any possible alternate, even WAR. In the mean time the Head Quarters will be protected by the Privates which are running your local Bankster office.  Most of the time and by definition they don’t really understand what is happening and do all they can to keep "the fantasy" alive. Even if they do understand, waking up their customers would be suicidal. As for the Savers,  assuming I am wrong, nothing will be lost as nobody will mind the price of Gold in a Booming Economy and sound financial system.

April fools' day or Sterilized QE or the biggest Propaganda joke of the 21st century was mentioned on several occasions in Europe. You can compare it to flying pigs and food for idiots. Never forget that at the end of the Roman Empire the farmers had left their fields because bread was given away for free in Rome and Romans were entertaining themselves in the Coliseum when Barbarian Army's were walking on Rome. Today ain't different....the indifference of the HERD is amazing!

After the Greek feta and the Spanish Paella we now have an Italian spaghetti-interest rate hike. We won’t get into details as such is merely a make over of what we've seen in the past and what will happen again in the future until we have some end-solution .. NOW is the time to act and put your savings into safety! Whatever reason there is for those who continue to live in denial, they simply will loose their fortune for the problems won't go away...they will simply get worse at a time where we risk to have a FLASH CRASH (example 1989 in the USSR) . Assume we have a flash crash many will wake up in the morning and their fortune will be lost....and don't think for a second your banker will feel sorry for you.

If only 5% of the people would convert 5% of their savings into Gold/Silver the price of Gold would swiftly soar to $ 10,000 and more and Gold and Silver shares would trade limit up for weeks.

Government cannot collect enough taxes to solve the problem! So what then are these Morons doing? Got Gold...and if so better keep it away from the Morons.


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Thursday April 12, 2012 - if you're only interested in making quick bucks, you're on the wrong site

A paradigm shift and worst case scenario Spain can be propelled back to the Middle-Ages. This is the penalty this country may have to pay for joining a political Frankenstein and a straight jacket who killed every coziness it used to have. What many underestimate is that the consequences of the EU-Drama take 2 at least generations before some improvement will be seen. It normally takes (The Age of Uncertainty - Galbraith) 3 generations before a recovery is possible. [the most cruel crimes are committed without a gun]. The European firewall is way too small to content the unfolding drama, the trick of lending cheap money to the banks so they can bid down the local interest rates seems to falter..hence MORE and MORE Fiat money will have to be created...this will create higher inflation rates and rising nominal price levels of Real Assets (only Low order Capital Goods). REAL ESTATE won't save you...expect prices to continue to crash and/or to stay low for at least another 20 years.Americans brace for next foreclosure wave while number of Foreclosures in the USA is 64,000 higher than last year.

Political Authorities will do all within their power to keep the masquerade going as long as possible. Such includes propaganda, manipulation of the financial markets, prohibition of cash money, capital controls and more taxation. Remember they (like the Republican Romney) keep their money out of political reach....because they know better. At the same time the Authorities are the best insurance against crashing and even weak markets. They simply CANNOT and will not allow a further crash of the Stock Markets and a deflation of the Bond markets. The truth is that they can only stop the natural financial mechanisms for so long. Such become clearly visible for the Gold and Silver sector. Few remember that during the 1980's when the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the Silver market, the run was stopped by the COMEX who only accepted SELL orders. Be advised that apart from rising margin requirements such will probably happen again. One must understand WHY one must hold Gold and Silver and stick to the guns. A system based on DEBT and worthless FIAT MONEY simply cannot survive! If you look at the US Federal Deficit is is obvious something went wrong in 2001 and that things are getting worse and NOT better. A similar situation we have for Western Europe. [a deficit means more is spent than earned and a deficit ends up as more DEBT...more debt means more Fiat Money and this results in more inflation]


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Wednesday april 11, 2012 - Markets climb a wall of worry

Updated sections: World stock market indexes , World Stock markets expressed in Gold , Gold and Silver Majors and a CLEAR BOTTOM


Welcome to Zimbabwe. The Dow Jones & SP500 are bumping into overhead supply and we need at least some consolidation before higher is possible. QE III will surpass QE I + QE II . It per definition has to…”they need to create exponentially larger amounts of fiat money to keep the financial system alive” .  Markets will move higher (and so will Gold/Silver) as soon as it is widely known QE III has been initiated and  as soon as (for Europe) markets understand they will bail out Portugal and Spain and whatever EU members running into problems.  
And if they don't take it away by inflation, they will do it by taxation. In Belgium an additional tax has been “invented” where anybody with a yearly interest/dividends income of € 20,020 or more per year is classified as rich and will be taxed an additional 4% . [remember the sweet talks of tax amnesty only years ago….what a huge trap it was...having said this those who believed the politicians don't deserve better]. The tax is levied in cooperation of the Belgian banks and is only the start of (the Wealth) taxation.

The total money supply worldwide is 40 trillion dollars. If we add one quadrillion of derivatives (total notional value of an OTC derivative becomes real value in bankruptcy) to this amount the existing 40 trillions dollars looks ridiculously low next to the derivatives [the notional value of OTC derivatives outstanding is being called $700 trillion by the BIS]. It used to be one quadrillion, one hundred forty four trillion before the computer valuation model change by the BIS.

Remember those stupid Politicians and Petty Government Officials scream the Recovery is just around the corner!? For those who still live in denial, we’re gonna see a DEPRESSION and possibly a WAR before there will be a recovery. And if the manufacturing machine doesn't come back to the Western World, no decent recovery is even possible. Just pray that this time the very Politicians which originated this catastrophe end up in Auswitch.  Having said this, what use will it be to end up with Fiat Paper profits if these are taken away overnight..like happens during and after a war.

- The CEO of BEST BUY resign and they will close 50 stores. ELECTRONICS is one of the sectors negatively affected by the (hyper)inflationary depression.
- Sony is about to lay of 10,000 of its workforce…and the problem is that this is not an isolated phenomenon.
- JCPenney to cut 900 jobs in Texas and Pittsburgh.

President Obama is like one of us!  College should be affordable...Health care a RIGHT of every one. By making college expensive and unaffordable you're destroying society. A roof above you head, education and health care are fundamental rights and each one of us should have access to it. If the American defence budget was used for Eduction and Health care the USA would probably not make the huge mistakes it is making right now.  Santorum has quit the race and it becomes clear Romney will become the Republican Presidential candidate. The man cannot be trusted, he's a former Mormon Pastor and keeps his savings offshore! However the odds to see Romney elected are extremely thin....luckily.


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Mardi 10 avril 2012 - Pourquoi ont-ils réveillé le dragon chinois ?

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La crise actuelle ne monte pas seulement les créanciers contre les débiteurs, mais aussi les contribuables contre les travailleurs du secteur public, les jeunes contre les vieux, et l'Occident contre l'Asie. Comme dans les années 1930 et 1970, un nouveau système monétaire va émerger, dont les règles seront probablement fixées par la puissance économique mondiale en plein essor: la Chine. Un système chinois n'aura pas le même visage... et sera très contrôlé ! Êtes-vous prêts à être des moutons ? Le scénarion idéal serait une cassure de l'euro, ce qui pourrait en fait SAUVER la société et l'économie européennes.

Il y a 3 façons de réagir à l'actuelle crise économique/de la dette:

1. Une société/pays peut choisir l'inflation. C'est la piste que suivent les Etats-Unis et l'UE.
2. Une société/pays peut choisir la stagnation, comme le Japon a tenté de le faire... Une telle politique ne fait que prolonger l'agonie, ne mène nulle part pour finalement devoir choisir l'inflation ou la déflation de toute manière.
3. Une société/pays peut choisir la déflation. La déflation n'est possible que si l'on dispose de sa propre monnaie. En Europe, c'est désormais impossible depuis que les hommes politiques idiots et narcissiques se sont passés eux-mêmes la corde au cou qui servira à les pendre.

Nous assistons aujourd'hui à une révoltante répudiation de la dette publique alors que celle-ci continue d'être reportée sur le secteur privé... such a policy normally results in a Civil War/War/Revolution. It is the outcome of the bloodshed which will dictate the future of the West.


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Vendredi 6 avril au mardi 10 avril 2012 - Les marchés financiers américains sont fermés aujourd'hui et lundi

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Why does the American Republican Candidate Mitt Romney keep his savings in the Turks and Caicos? Do you really believe the Politicians keep all of their savings in local banks? Do you really believe Political Parties have no bank account(s) in Switzerland? Do you believe they have no Gold/Silver?

Credit rating agency Egan Jones downgraded the United States' credit rating to AA on Thursday due to serious concerns over growing federal debt. In his report regarding this downgrade, managing Director Sean Egan wrote: "When debt-to-GDP exceeds 100 percent, a country's financial flexibility becomes increasingly strained... For the first time since World War II, U.S. debt exceeds 100 percent."

Inside information reveals the tax deal between the Swiss Government and the German Tax authorities is not a 20% but rather a 40% hair cut!

Charts indicate this week may have been the last SELL-CLIMAX for the Gold/silver sector. A lot of Bullish Wedges, Bullish Head and Shoulder patterns, potential Island reversals and other bullish technical patters at a time where most Gold/Silver Indexes-shares have fallen back on their 200 day Moving Average. Most important however is that SENTIMENT has become EXTREMELY BEARISH and such indicates that all weak hands have sold....This past week was the product of five banks showing the market who in their opinion is boss. It was aimed directly at the confidence in gold.  This changes NOTHING as to where gold will be later this year, in 2013 and beyond.  The charts become a lot harder to read but at the same time the COIL becomes even tighter than physics will allow, making the breakout to the upside (Gold/silver shares easily can go up by 30%-40% during a trading session - such happened in the past and will happen again) when it comes something to behold. Consider what will happen to the Gold sector when only 2.5% of today's investors wake up to the economic charade the markets are in today. Conclusion: a SCREAMING BUY...and the ideal time to initiate and/or add to your positions.

Markets can stay longer illogical than we can stay solvable. This is WHY today it is lethal to invest through DERIVATIVES and BANK MANUFACTURED instruments. The total capitalization of the Gold/Silver sector is probably smaller than the total capitalization of Coca-Cola. Hence it is an evident instrument for Banksters and Hedge funds to get the money out of your pockets into their pockets. [I sincerely do hope you are aware your banker is NOT your friend]

"Sprott Asset Management's John Embry today tells King World News that the gold and silver market manipulators "are seriously overplaying their hand" and driving demand for real metal way up as paper prices are forced down".


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 Thursday April 5, 2012 - by definition fiat money cannot survive

 It's pump or die: without QE the economy and the financial system will falter , with QE it also will !!!  - Hence they have no choice and we'll have QE to Infinity ! ...and a system where they create more debt to pay back debt will BLOW up....at a time when you don't expect it. This will end an era where PEOPLE are enslaved by DEBT (mortgages, car loans, Treasuries, Bank deposits, ...)


The Historic Holdup of the 21st century by broad daylight (video in french and a MUST SEE):...GOT GOLD...or still dreaming away in a world of Worthless Fiat Debt money!? Blythe Sally Jess Masters (born 22 March 1969) is an economist and current head of Global Commodities at J.P. Morgan Chase. Responsible for the structuring and distribution of credit derivative products at J.P. Morgan, Ms. Masters became a managing director at 28, the youngest woman to achieve that status in the firm's history.[5] She is widely credited with creating the modern credit default swap, a form of insurance that protects a lender if a borrower of capital defaults on a loan.



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Wednesday april 4, 2012 - don't ask me when the manipulation will end - I don't know

Updated sections: Silver,(scroll down for the monthly charts), Gold and Silver Majors


I love you, love you not, love you....WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve policymakers have backed away from the need for another round of monetary stimulus (no QE III) as the U.S. economy gradually improves. Minutes of the central bank's meeting published on Tuesday showed only two of the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee's 10 voting members saw the case for additional monetary stimulus. April 24-25 Bernanke will probably tell us 'I love you'...more

Whether or not markets are manipulated (today they were....actually I can almost blindly identify the days where we do have manipulation), Short term is Casino and as expected VOLATILITY is on the rise!. Don't ask me why everything which was up yesterday, is down today and what was down yesterday (example LAM.TO) is up today. There simply is no decent honest answer I know off. There are a manifold of reasons: manipulation (Goldman Sachs became - out of the blue - bullish on Gold; can't trust these guys and Financial institutions which are short may be panicking - they won't tell you, will they?) We also may have deleveraging like we had deleveraging after the Lehman Bros accident. If so any asset is sold until the balance sheets show decent figures....Whatever is written and said this is not a time to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

This week is an important week and the Trading volumes confirm it. Assume we do have a bottom, the important volumes will be sealing it. 

The good news is that the bulk of the markets move in a same direction (either all shares go up or all come down) and this makes a follow up easier.


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Tuesday April 3, 2012

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Monday April 2, 2012

Updated sections: Real estate, Real Estate in Spain, the Gold pool , Banks & Financials

At a time where American Republican presidential candidates and even President Obama admit the sanctions against Iran (SWIFT, Natural Gas price) are not drastic enough and not properly enforced the East and the BRIC countries are organising themselves and prepare to break loose of the Western World. Clear is that ALL IS POSSIBLY DONE to keep the FIAT PAPER MONEY world alive and that all who obstruct this action has to be terminated.  What 'they' don't tell you is that the practice of Fiat Paper Money is worse than THEFT...it is USURY because it becomes impossible for anybody who doesn't print Fiat Money and created Government debt to survive with his savings....unless these are stored in an international accepted commodity as for example Gold. [de facto, the USA and in a the EU are paying for their imports with AIR and DEBT....and we're appoaching the point where this bubble will pop]

 Cuando pensábamos que éramos ricos—when we thought we were richAt least1.5 million unfinished, unsold or unwanted residential units stand scattered across the country, products of a still-deflating housing bubble that threatens to undermine Spain's broader economy for years to come. It is the hangover after an epic fiesta, a period Spaniards now refer to as "cuando pensábamos que éramos ricos"—'when we thought we were rich.”  Only Ireland can rival Spain for the largest housing bubble.

" The number of homes being foreclosed on is estimated to triple in Spain. About 120 evictions take place every day. Those who default on their mortgages cannot walk away from the debt, as in the US. A story is out tonight about one resident who lost her job and is being foreclosed on. She will still owe over about half her debt, or more than €100,000, plus court costs and penalties."

If the bank manages to sell a foreclosed home, that amount is struck off the remaining debt. But the norm these days is that the property is put up for auction and nobody bids. That has meant the bank then takes over the house for just half its originally assessed value, and wipes the amount off the remaining debt – leaving the borrower still owing a bundle. Spanish Home prices have fallen by at least 20%.  Realistic estimates assume a minimum 40-60% total drop is likely. [if you think that because the Real Estate bubble hasn't busted in your country...you're in for a nasty surprise!....best case scenario you will be paying off A LOT OF AIR.


Similar to other commodities, the value of gold and silver is determined by supply and demand, as well as speculation. The Federal Reserve, London Bullion Market Association, JP Morgan Chase, and HSCB Holdings have practiced fractional-reserve banking and engaged in naked short selling causing artificial price suppression. A remake of the Gold Fund...this time in a more sneaky way...but the end result will be similar: one day the banksters will loose control and it is well possible that the day it does, the price of Gold doubles or more...more about the gold pool.

The comingweek will be very important (and can even be critical) for Gold and silver stocks.


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