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La Nouvelle Grande Dépression et comment préserver vos économies...

Définition de L'ARGENT et pourquoi notre système monétaire finira par EXPLOSER!

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  • Chacun porte une partie de la société sur ses épaules, personne n'est exempté de sa part de responsabilité par autrui. Et personne ne peut se mettre à l'abri si la société court à la destruction. Chacun doit donc, dans son propre intérêt, se lancer avec vigueur dans la bataille intellectuelle.

    Ludwig von Mises

  • Si vous n’avez pas confiance en l’or, vous admettez qu’il est logique d’abattre un arbre valant environ quatre ou cinq mille dollars, de le transformer en pulpe puis en papier, de mettre un peu d’encre dessus et d’appeler le tout un milliard de dollars ?

    Kenneth J. Gerbino

Bulletin Gratuit

(hyper) Inflation & LOCG -

HOCG = High order Capital Goods (real estate, machinery).

 LOCG = Low Order Consumer Goods (energy, food)

Hyperinflation is caused not by facts but by an intangible: the sudden realization of what had been there all along but hadn't been recognized. Today inflation is rising slower because the velocity of the growing money supply is momentarily coming down. This is a normal phenomenon in an inflation and hyperinflation cycle.  April 15, some talking heads pretend the US has fallen into Deflation and the UK is to follow. This happens because they have no understanding of what Inflation, Deflation and Hyperinflation is.

Important is to UNDERSTAND a hyperinflationary depression sees simultaneously and FALLING prices (HOCG) and rising prices (LOCG). [HOCG = High order capital goods (ex. Real Estate) - LOCG = Low Order Consumer Goods (ex. energy and food)

The most difficult concept for the professional public to understand is that hyperinflation can exist along with a totally disastrous economic environment. Hyperinflation falls flat because it fails to take into account the infinite velocity of money that a Weimar creates during a depression economy as a product of throwing monetary discipline at the wall.

Prices = Money Supply x  Velocity of the money

Basically, there are 3 inflation fazes:

  1. In the first faze, as the cost of goods and services increases, people start to spent less. They save because they 'think' prices will come down again. The velocity (the speed money is spent) decreases. Such a situation is possible because of the ignorance of people trusting the authorities. (today, people hardly can save more   there is too much debt!)

  2. In the second faze, people recognize Inflation. After some denial, they start to become aware that the cost of goods and services won't come down again. Velocity goes up again.

  3. As soon as people understand the cost of good and services will continue to go up, they loose faith in Fiat Money and they prefer to hold goods instead op paper money (Gresham's law). The Velocity increases dramatically. We have runaway hyperinflation.

Examples of inflation fases
Argentina - click to enlarge
CPI inflation Money supply

  • The expansion of the Money Supply in the Western world has been explosive [this is the least one can say]. Yesterday the G20 agreed to expand it by another 5 TRILLION DOLLAR. Contrary to the 1930's (Great Depression)  in the USA where the opposite happened. Only Germany did the same what they are doing today and the policy resulted in the Weimar Hyperinflation.
  • The lesson?  whatever the authorities do, one the economy and the financial system has been violated (and it has) it snaps. It does so because the system because more and ore unstable. It start to rock more an more until something snaps and it crashes.
  • NO FINANCIAL SYSTEM has survived FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING (usury) and the creation of FIAT PAPER MONEY out of thin air EVER. Such a thing is simple impossible.
  • Hyperinflation ALSO results in parabolic rising stock markets (Zimbabwe) as people apply Gresham's law: the bad money chases the good and exchange Fiat paper for Equities which are participations in REAL ASSETS.

December 2008 the velocity of Money is still negative. Hyperinflation will start once this trend reverses....like it did in Argentina


To stop inflation, they should stop Fractional Reserve Banking and the creation of Fiat Money.

Price increase of LOCG y/y 1 year 3 years *
Steel 40% to 70% 150%
Chemicals 25% 75%
Shipping costs 375%
Crude oil 43% 129%
Ethanol  21% 63%
Heating oil 44% 132%
Natural gas 77% 231%
Unleaded gas 40% 120%
Corn 60% 180%
Soy beans 26% 78%
Aluminum 35% 105%
Copper 26% 78%
* extrapolated over 3 years
Price decrease of HOCG
Real Estate -20% to -60%

The Calendar of Modern Hyperinflations:

<style="text-align: left;" data-mce-type="text/css">For the moron financial TV hosts claiming that major inflation is well down the road because inflation requires a business recovery to occur:</>

Angola 1991-1999
Bosnia – Herzegovina 1992 – 1993
Chile 1971 – 1981
Greece 1943 – 1953 At the high point prices doubled every 28 hours. Greek inflation reached a rate of %8.5 billion per month.
Israel 1971 – 1985 (price controls instituted)
Japan 1934 – 1951 
Romania 1998 – 2006
Turkey 1990 – 2001 
USA 1773 – not worth a Continental
Yugoslavia 1989 – 1994
Zaire 1989 – present (now the Congo)
Zimbabwe – 2000 to present. November of 2008 – inflation rate of 516 quintillion percent

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weimar Republic


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